It all started in early 2015 in the beautiful Shouf rural region of Lebanon. Haitham Saab felt the growing concerns of youth and women unemployment in his community. Residents of rural regions had restricted access to a major metropolitan area as well as restricted resources. So along with a team of Lebanese entrepreneurs and professionals, Rural Entrepreneurs, sometimes referred to as RE, was launched! Today, it is a non-profit organization that is responding to the changing workplace, women unemployment, STEAM education, access to resources among many other challenges with the help of its partners. The Rural Entrepreneurs team is committed to offering free workshops, knowledge sharing, capacity building, and fostering the entrepreneurial flame within all its participants.

Rural Entrepreneurs is powered by a large number of volunteers and ambassadors from different rural areas and diversified backgrounds who work hand in hand to help it grow and reach its target audience.
The aim of the organization is to widen the prospects of employment and contribute to the sustainable development process in rural areas by fostering the culture and mindset of entrepreneurship, helping youth and women advance in their careers and preparing them to become business leaders, innovators and major contributors to the social and economic well- being of their local communities.
Rural Entrepreneurs envisions dynamic, prosperous and innovative rural communities that support, inspire and empower youth, women and underprivileged people to build on their competencies and create a better future
Founding members

Lody Daou

Dr. Talal Jaber

Haitham Saab

Tarek Zebian

Ramy Boujawdeh

Asmahan Zein

Dr. Samer Nakhle